Learn Why “Your Pose is Not Your Practice … or Your Life”

Your pose is not your practice. That’s what my Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Dhawi Pienta, whispered to me when I was


Learn why the time is NOW to get busy living!

The time is NOW.  What will you do with your one, important, beautiful, temporal life? I’ve been feeling a sense

Yoga helps me calm my mind, connect with God and stay sane. Yoga pose is Matsyasana

Learn These Self-Care Tips to Help You Stay Sane Through the Holidays

If you follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn, you know I get up four to five days during the week


Five Reasons to be Grateful for School Counselors

I believe school counselors are critical to helping a student rise above their circumstances. I believe school counselors can feel

All of my siblings.

Six Strategies to Overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences

My brother, Damon, tried to kill my mom and nine months later, committed suicide at age twenty-one. My sister, Andrea,


Your Passion and Your Destiny Will Eventually Converge

It seems like many divine connections happen for me at my daughter’s tennis matches. Last year, at this time, I


Five Steps to Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I recently watched a video of a young woman cheerleader, who was practicing doing the splits. Her instructor was aggressively forcing


What Others Think About You is None of Your Business

Worrying about what others think of you is exhausting, depleting, and a complete waste of your time, talent, and creativity


Unity Does Not Mean Uniformity

I was looking around at my neighbor’s birthday party, and I immediately felt at home. It was a surprise party


A Lesson in Caring: How Empathy Leads to Change

What is your natural response when you witness devastation and people hurting? If you are like most people, you genuinely

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