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Meet the graduating class of


Monica Hoskins

Monica Hoskins is an attorney with Legal Aid of Western Ohio. She focuses her personal advocacy around helping individuals who have experienced major adversities in life. Her goal is to use her own life-story as an example of triumphing over trauma and achieving success. Monica is currently writing a memoir and developing an online course curriculum for women who have experienced trauma.

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Sharlyn Avina

Sharlyn is a tech writer/instructional designer, and a member of the diversity, equity & inclusion team at Solana. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and social justice & equity for all. She is passionate about making sure everyone votes in every election, and helping elect leaders that embody empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness.

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Sara Best

Sara is a consultant and co-founder of Real Good Ventures. She advocates for women's equity issues, voting rights, empowering leaders, and mentoring. 

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Angela Crum

Angela is pediatric school-based occupational therapist. She is starting a blog while working on writing a book, sharing her personal journey on overcoming dysfunctional trauma. Advocacy interests include women’s health, trauma and PTSD, advocacy, program development, public speaking, nutrition & wellness, hands on healing, and medical missions.

Rhonda Kimmons

Rhonda is the principal at Ella P. Stewart Academy for Girls, and is currently writing a book on authentic leadership for school administrators. She is passionate about advocacy in schools, and is working on starting a podcast.

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